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Kick off your Sunday shoes for MLOC Productions May 2017 production, the stage musical of one of the most popular movies of all time
Footloose - The Musical

May 19 - 27
Shirley Burke Theatre

64 Parkers Rd
Parkdale, VIC 3194

Director: Leah Osburn
Musical Director: Malcom Huddle
Vocal Director: Josh Pratt
Choreographer: Natalie Heels

Based on the 1984 hit movie with Bacon, Lori Singer and John Lithgow, the musical pits rebellious high school students against repressive parents, and liberal big cities against conservative small towns.

Footloose Cast Announcement - May 2017 Production


Ren - Mitchell Hurrey
Ethel - Kelly Millard
Rev Shaw - Ash Cooper
Vi - Emma Blake
Willard - Nick Rees
Ariel - Mollie Williams
Rusty - Deanne Palmieri
Chuck Cranston - Sam Neve
Lulu - Sabrina Klock
Wes - Paul Court
Coach Roger Dunbar - Jaimie McAllister
Eleanor - Melissa Franks
Betty Blast - Candi Jansz
Principal Harriet - Mary Bryant
Urleen - Maddie Plum
Wendy-Jo - Amanda Rotberg
Travis - Zac Rose
Bickel - Tim Semmens
Lyle - Rad Valance
Jeter - Ollie Culshaw
Cowboy Bob/ Garvin/Cop - Liam Tyssen

Cowboy Bob's band & Ensemble

Alexandria Avery
Amber Krause


Sienna Ak
Lauren Cork
Amelie Foster
Nicole Gurr
Zara Phillips-Mason
Charlotte Plum
FOOTLOOSE hits the stage on
19 - 27 May 2017
Shirley Burke Theatre, Parkdale

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What is MLOC for Melbourne Theatre Entertainment?

MLOC Productions is a musical theatre company based in Melbourne, performing quality musical theatre productions twice-yearly at the Phoenix Theatre in Elwood. Our focus is on quality and fun. We pride ourselves on providing quality musical theatre entertainment and we have a lot of fun doing it!

Why musical theatre? Because musical theatre has been an universal entertainment, a talent development and a teaching vessel for communities throughout the ages.

We take pride in our work creating opportunities for amateur actors whilst providing the community with top class professional performances..

MLOC is a non-professional not for profit organisation which offers quality musical and drama entertainment.


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