MLOC Productions Incorporated – The History

MLOC Productions Incorporated is a non-professional not for profit organisation, administered by a board of management and assisted by volunteers.

MLOC was first established as the Mordialloc Philharmonic Society in 1945, operating as a choral society until the 1970s when as the Mordialloc Musical Society, the group began staging full musical comedy productions.

From 1985, as an incorporated association, the group has been known as the Mordialloc Light Opera and, from 1992, as MLOC Productions Incorporated.


MLOC produces shows that give a lot of people the opportunity to get involved.
Our Shows are fun to be involved in, we create supportive surroundings for both new, experienced theatre and non-theatre. It is a place for people to express their creativity and develop all aspect of their artistry
Community theatre is about enjoying and having fun, being involved in a team, expressing your creativity, whether it’s on stage, set building, painting sets, making props, creating costumes or just being part of a team that love’s life and theatre for the wider community
MLOC Productions Inc also runs workshops for the community to be involved in all aspects of community theatre

Providing Quality Entertainment & Acting Skills

There is always a serious need for quality non-professional musical theatre in metropolitan areas. Talent is always out there but often wasted for the choice of hi-tech gadgets.

MLOC provides a cost effective exposure for amateur talented actors in community. It is a win-win situation: opportunity for actors and the affordable access to world class show for community.

The aims and objectives of MLOC Productions Inc are to provide:

  • opportunities for the community to participate on stage as performers in the presentation of quality musical theatre and concert entertainment
  • opportunities for the community to participate off stage in valued front of house, back stage and production roles in the presentation of quality musical theatre and concert entertainment
  • quality entertainment to the community and provide opportunity for them to attend our productions at very affordable prices
  • a training platform and a source of practical experience for persons (students and others) who are seeking professional careers in theatre and theatre craft

Musical Theatre for Community – Functional locations

MLOC’s activities are from the following locations:

  • Rehearsals – Parkdale Church of Christ, Como Parade, Parkdale – twice a week (Tuesday & Thursday)
  • Set construction/storage – Heatherton Uniting Church, Kingston Road, Heatherton
  • Costumes – Heatherton Uniting Church, Kingston Road, Heatherton
  • Shows – mainly at the Shirley Burke Theatre, Parkdale

Further Information

Please contact us if you wish to know more about MLOC and its activities.