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MLOC Productions' November 2011 show is:

 Camelot the Musical


This show is based on as many facts as can be cobbled together from historic documents and heresay from some 700 years ago. We must consider the universal love triangle that creates tension between King Arthur, Guenevere and Lancelot. The theatre audiences of the 1960’s found difficulty in coping with this infidelity but todays tv savvy audiences should cope with the love triangle far easier than they do with the dynasty of ‘the Bold and Beautiful’ or the camelot of the Kennedy’s.

All of the Knights who audition, will need to be swashbuckling, debonair and chivalrous. But remember the erosion of the feudal system and the pursuit of self gain finally compromised their lofty position.

Having said all of that, the comic aspect of the show will be accentuated with no loss to the story line.

The Story

Guenevere travels to Camelot to become Arthur’s Queen. The entire court, apart from Arthur, whom she has never met comes to greet her. Nervous and shy, he hides in the nearby woods.

The meeting is successful and they marry. Merlin inspires Arthur to establish order and peace so the Order of the Round Table is established encouraging Knights of Europe to come to Camelot.

Lancelot arrives from France to challenge others and a jousting contest will determine the best knight. Guenevere is smitten.,,and the love triangle tangles.

Lancelot is torn between his passion for the Queen and his loyalty to Arthur. He leaves Camelot to return two years later to be made a Knight of the Round Table. But he still loves Guenevere.

Mordred, who maybe Arthur’s illegitimate son, arrives to discredit the King…and then finds Lancelot in the queen’s bedroom… oh dear! Now Morgan le Fey, Lancelot’s Sorceress Aunt, has trapped Arthur in the woods. You can imagine the furore. Lancelot escapes but poor Guenevere is sentenced to burn at the stake. She is rescued by Lancelot and he takes her to France.

Poor Arthur has to now wage war on France ,even though Lancelot and Guenevere forgive him. Tom of Warwick/Mallory, a young boy is sent back to England to tell of Camelots ideals

The show will be presented at the Phoenix Theatre, 101 Glenhuntly Rd., Elwood

Contact us if you would like to make special arrangements for pre or post show drinks, food, etc.

Song List

  • I Wonder What the King Is Doing Tonight
  • The Simple Joys of Maidenhood
  • Camelot
  • Follow Me
  • The Lusty Month of May
  • C'est Moi
  • Then You May Take Me To the Fair
  • How To Handle a Woman
  • If Ever I Would Leave You
  • Parade
  • Before I Gaze At You
  • The Seven Deadly Virtues
  • What Do the Simple Folk Do?
  • Fie On Goodness!
  • I Loved You Once In Silence
  • Guinevere

Production Team

Director Judy Sullivan
Musical Director Danny Forward
Choreographer Merilyn Young
Assistant Director Sally Fleming
Stage Manager Martyn Bishop
Lighting Michael Richardson
Publicity Cheryl Threadgold
Sound Les Marton
Trish Carr
Costumes Trudy Scott
Margot Sephton
Crew John Hall
Garry Bertrand
Ian Barker

Cast List

Character Cast Member
King Arthur David Higgins
Merlin Geoff Earle
Guenevere Susie McCann
Lancelot Peter Phillips
Pellinore Bill Irvine
Mordred Phil Lam
Morgan Le Fey Karen Shnider
Tom of Warwick David Ross
Sir Lionel Paul Boyd
Sir Sagramore Colin Prosser
Sir Dinadan Russell Waters
Nimue Sue Robertson
Lady Anne Jane Court
Lady Sybil Kate Knight
Sir Clarius Stuart Scullin
Squire Dap Sean Loughlin
Lady in Waiting Kerryn Petrie
Michelle Carlin-Day
Ensemble Alicia Beauchamp
Aliesha Farrington
Belinda Pearson
Colin Buckley
Linda Rancie
Margaret Boyd
Marie Couper
Nicky Grigg
Nikki Nievaart
Paul Court
Paul Cruickshank
Rebecca Cullinan
Sammi Nievaart
Tony Pearson


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