Dear MLOC Members & Friends

Melbourne is returning to life and we are thrilled to see the community theatre scene resuming.

As you are probably aware, MLOC has been unable to complete any productions since October 2019 and we have also been limited with our normal fund raising activities.  In the meantime, our ongoing expenses continue to roll in and as a result of all these factors, MLOC is now in a vulnerable financial position.

The Board and I realise that many of our community are also suffering hardships as a result of this pandemic but we believe MLOC can play an important role supporting the arts world return to a normal life. However, we can only do this if we continue to operate and this is where you may be able help.

We are now seeking donations to help keep us going.

You make a donation directly to

MLOC Productions Inc
BSB: 633 000
Acct No: 163 869 936
Make sure you provide your name in the reference so we can confirm receipt


You can donate by become an MLOC member via visiting Please ensure you include your current postal address as you will receive a small gift from MLOC when you become a member.

Debbie Jenkins
MLOC Productions Inc