Keeping Up Appearances

Tickets on sale now:

MLOC Productions Inc is extremely excited to present the premiere of Keeping Up Appearances.
This play written by Roy Clarke, the writer of the original television series incorporates all your
favourite characters and includes all those situations we loved with Hyacinth social climbing at every
moment and steamrolling Emmet, Liz and everyone around her. Onslow remains a cynical slob,
Daisy loves her husband Onslow and Rose has a new beau called Mr Milson.
We are also excited to return to MLOC’s original home of the Town Hall where we originated 76
years ago. Plus we are presenting this premiere in the beautiful Grand Hall at the Kingston Arts

Emmet with the help of his sister Liz is directing a ‘Who Dunnit’ for the local dramatic society
running into conflict with the local Arts society who have their annual art show in the same local hall.
Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced ‘Bookay) has entered her painting on fine quality, genuine silk ‘Willow
by Moonlight’ into the arts show and discovers that there is vacant role called Lady Malvern in the
play. Naturally she insists on taking on the role
“Emmet, I will be a Lady Malvern you will never forget!”
Hyacinth is shocked to discover her relatives, Onslow, Daisy and Rose are also in the play and Daisy is
playing a Duchess. She is further horrified to discover her role is also that of the cook and she is
expecting Councillor Mrs Nugent to arrive soon.
All your favourite Keeping Up Appearances are also present, long-suffering husband Richard, the
Vicar, Daddy and new characters of Fuddleton plus Hyacinth now has a mobile phone “You have
reached the personal mobile of Hyacinth Bookay. This is she speaking!”