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We support organisations which offer non-profit and non-professional music theatre to community. The following is a short list of links to musical theatre in Melbourne and Australia:

Theatre PeopleContains good information on shows, auditions, what's on, etc.
Theatre AustraliaAlso contains good information on shows, auditions, what's on, etc.
Peter Kemp's Theatre Previews and reviews of musical theatre in Melbourne and across Australia.
Stage WhispersA complete guide to theatre in Australia and New Zealand
Music Theatre Guild of VictoriaNot-for-profit organisation for the ongoing support, encouragement and development of non-professional music theatre in the state of Victoria.

MLOC on Stage

Witches of Eastwick Melbourne Musical Theatre

Witches of Eastwick - 2012

Devilishly Good Fun!

Camelot Melbourne Musical Theatre

Camelot - 2011

King Arthur's court comes to life!

Pippin Melbourne Musical Theatre

Pippin - 2011

Amazing cast. Thoroughly entertaining show!

Annie Melbourne Musical Theatre

Annie - 2010

Fantastic family entertainment - a great show!

White Christmas Melbourne Musical Theatre

White Christmas - 2009

Fantastic entertainment for intellect, soul and passion!

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