MLOC is proud to announce the cast of their June 2015 production of Spamalot:

King Arthur: Sam Marzden
Sir Robin: Matt Hadgraft
Sir Lancelot: Jamie Giddens
Lady of the Lake: Lisa Nightingale
Patsy: Nick Rouse
Sir Galahad: Ben Moody
Professor: Sasha Hennequin
Sir Bedevere: Ash Cooper
Prince Herbert: Jake Waterworth
The French Taunter: Jeremy Laing
Mrs Galahad: Daniel Cooper
Mayor of Finish Village: Darryl Stevenson
Not Dead Fred: Omar Moustafa
Brother Maynard: Darryl Stevenson
Sir Bors: Sean Loughlan
Sir Not-Appearing-In-This-Show: Colin Prossor
Head Knight of Ni: Ash Cooper
Tim the Enchanter: Colin Prosser
King of Swamp Castle: Dan Cooper
Shrubbery: Roisin O’Neil
Lead Minstrel: Fiona Rosel
Concorde: Dean Mitrousis
The Black Knight: Scott Bailey

Dance Troupe:
Ashleigh Boyce
Jo Davey
Isabelle Davis
Amber Krause
Kayla Krause
Katie Lewis
Kirsty Nisbet
Rhylee Nowell
Roisin O’Neill
Jess Reidy
Clare Andrews
Candice Bennett
Simon Browne
Mary Bryant
Lynne Hobbs
Candice Janse
Barbara Mendelson
Kevin Nguyen
Margot Sephton
Campbell Sewell
Karen Shnider
Samantha Stacey