MLOC Productions Inc. is delighted to announce finalisation of the cast for The Witches of Eastwick, to be presented from June 15 – 23 at the Phoenix Theatre, Elwood.

Jane Court is director, musical direction is by Martine Wengrow, with choreography by Merilyn Young.

Michael Young – Darryl Van Horne
Erin Keleher – Alexandra Spofford
Lucy MacVicar – Jane Smart
Susie McCann – Sukie Rougemont
Lucy Nicolson – Felicia Gabriel
Colin Sephton – Clyde Gabriel
Anthony Bolger – Michael Spofford
Amy Gridley – Jennifer Gabriel
Sean Loughlin – Fidel
Lily Nicolson – Little Girl

Amber Krause
Amy Howden
Andrew Weatherhead
Barbara Mendleson
Belinda Pearson
Bryn Bowen
Chelsea Matheson
Cole Green
Colin Buckley
David Efron
David Keele
Deidre Keane
Ebony Richardson
Jeandanielle Evans
John Parsley
Justine Gorny
Karen Shnider
Kayla Krause
Leah Osburn
Lee Pezzimenti
Loretta Richardson
Luke Krause
Mandy Lay
Margaret Boyd
Margot Sephton
Marie Couper
Mary Bryant
Melanie Chang
Michelle Carlin-Day
Nicola Grigg
Paul Boyd
Roisin O’Neill