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MLOC Productions' June 2011 show is:

 Pippin the Musical


The play begins with a leading player of a troupe and the actors in various costume pieces of several different time periods. The Leading Player invites the audience to join them in a story about a young prince searching for fulfillment ("Magic to Do"). Pippin tells of his dreams ("Corner of the Sky"), and they happily applaud Pippin on his ambitious quest for an extraordinary life. Pippin then returns home to the castle and estate of Charlemagne (King Charles), his father. Charles and Pippin don't get a chance to communicate often, as they are interrupted by nobles, soldiers, and couriers vying for Charles' attention ("Welcome Home"), and Charles is clearly uncomfortable speaking with his educated son or expressing any loving emotions. Pippin also meets up with his stepmother Fastrada, and her dim-witted son Lewis. Charles and Lewis are planning on going into battle against the Visigoths soon, and Pippin begs Charles to take him along so as to prove himself. Charles reluctantly agrees and proceeds to explain a battle plan to his men ("War is a Science").

Once in battle, the Leading Player re-enters to lead the troupe in a mock battle using top hats, canes, and jazz as to glorify warfare and violence ("Glory"). This charade of war does not appeal to Pippin, and the boy flees into the countryside. The Leading Player tells the audience of Pippin's travel through the country, until he stops at his exiled grandmother's estate ("Simple Joys"). There, Berthe (his grandmother, and Charles' mother, exiled by Fastrada) tells Pippin not to be so serious and to live a little ("No Time At All"). Pippin takes this advice and decides to search for something a bit more lighthearted ("With You"). He soon discovers that relationships without love leave you "empty and unfullfilled."

The Leading Player then tells Pippin that perhaps he should fight tyranny, and uses Charles as a perfect example of an unenlightened tyrant to fight. Pippin plans a revolution, and Fastrada is delighted to hear that perhaps Charles and Pippin will both perish so that her beloved Lewis can become king. Fastrada arranges the murder of Charles, and Pippin falls victim to her plot ("Spread a Little Sunshine"). While Charles is praying at Arles, Pippin murders him, and becomes the new king ("Morning Glow"). However, after petitions from the masses, Pippin realizes that neither he nor his father could change society and had to act as tyrants. He asks the player who is acting the role of Charles to return his knife to him. Charles miraculously comes to life and does so.

Pippin is left without direction until the Leading Player inspires him ("On the Right Track"). After experimenting with art and religion, he travels and stumbles upon an estate owned by Catherine ("Kind of Woman"), a widow, with a small boy, Theo. From the start, it is clear that the Leading Player is concerned with Catherine's actual attraction to Pippin—after all, she is but a player playing a part in his yet-to-be-unfolded plan. At first, Pippin thinks himself above such boring manorial duties as sweeping, repairs, and milking cows ("Extraordinary"), but eventually he comforts Theo on the sickness and eventual death of his pet ("Prayer for a Duck") and warms up to the lovely Catherine ("Love Song"). However, as time goes by, Pippin feels that he must leave the estate to continue searching for his purpose. Catherine is heartbroken, and reflects on him (much to the Leading Player's anger and surprise) ("I Guess I'll Miss the Man").

All alone on a stage, Pippin is surrounded by the Leading Player and the various troupe members. They all suggest that Pippin complete the most perfect act ever: the Finale. They tell Pippin to jump into a box of fire, light himself up, and "become one with the flame." Pippin is reluctant, but agrees that perhaps suicide is the best way to go ("Finale"), but he is stopped by his natural misgivings and also by one actress from the troupe—the woman playing Catherine. Catherine and her son Theo stand by Pippin and defy the script, the Leading Player, and the rest of the troupe. Pippin comes to the realization that the widow's home was the only place where he was truly happy ("Magic Shows and Miracles"). The Leading Player is angered by Pippin’s defiance to complete the finale he had planned. After removing the sets, lighting, makeup, and costumes from the stage (to no success at dissuading Pippin), the Leading Player becomes furious and calls off the show, telling the rest of the troupe and the orchestra to pack up and leave Pippin, Catherine, and her son alone on an empty, darkened and silent stage. Pippin realizes that he has given up his extraordinary purpose for the simplest and most ordinary life of all, and he is finally a happy man.

They remain on stage as Theo sings "Corner of the Sky", during which the Leading Player and the troupe return to begin work on this new prospect.

The show will be presented at the Phoenix Theatre, 101 Glenhuntly Rd., Elwood

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Song List

Act I

  • Magic To Do
  • Corner Of The Sky
  • War Is A Science
  • Glory
  • Simple Joys
  • No Time At All
  • With You
  • Spread A Little Sunshine
  • Morning Glow
  • On The Right Track

Act II

  • Kind Of Woman
  • Extraordinary
  • Love Song
  • I Guess I’ll Miss The Man
  • Finale

Production Team

Director/Choreographer Lyn Laister
Musical Director Danny Forward
Assistant Choreographer Leah Osburn

Cast List

Character Cast Member
Pippin Drue Goodwin
Leading Player John Davidson
Charles Lee Pezzimenti
Fastrada Helen Giannakis
Berthe Danika Alt
Catherine Amy Anderson
Lewis Daniel O'Donoghue
Theo Chris Burgess
Baron TBA
Hangman Andrew Weatherhead
Field Marshall Paul Ash
Head (In Battle scene) Glenn Bramich
Courier 1, Female dance Captain Ebony Richardson
Headless man, Male dance captain Keir Jasper
Peasant, dancer Mandy Lay
Ensemble David Ross
Maria Kinsella
Amanda Fothergill
Ariel Chou
Robyn Haydon
Bob Traill
Paul Cruickshank
Edel Halvey
Jackie Alt
Amy Howden
Sandi Bryce


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