Fiddler on the Roof

Performance Dates

3rd August 2023 Opening Night Gala

5th August 2023

6th August – Matinee & Evening

9th August 2023

10th August 2023

12th August 2023

13th August 2023 – Matinee & Evening

Tickets for this amazing production are now on sale!

A Chorus Line Teen

Auditions Dates

Thursday 27th April

Sunday 30th April

Tuesday 2nd May

Thursday 4th May

Sunday 7th May call back and dance audition

Performance Dates

5th October 2023 – Opening Night

6th October 2023

7th October 2023 – Matinee & Evening

8th October 2023

11th October 2023

13th October 2023

14th of October 2023 – Matinee & Evening

15th October 2023 – Closing Night

Tickets for this amazing production will be going on sale in May 2023