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Witches of Eastwick

MLOC Productions' June 2012 show is:

 Witches of Eastwick


Be Careful What You Wish For

In the quiet mid-west American town of Eastwick, three single ladies wish for the perfect man and then arrives the mysterious, charismatic Darryl Van Horne. And so, the magic begins!

Any idea that survives translation from book to film and then to a musical has to have something solid behind it, and The Witches of Eastwick begins with a timeless starring role, that of the Devil. Added to that is a satirical swipe at American Puritanism, a dash of women's liberation and a generous amount of sex: a combination that can hardly fail. (The Age,  August 26, 2002)

The Witches of Eastwick musical is based on the novel by famous author John Updike and the highly successful 1987 film starring Jack Nicholson, Cher, Susan Sarandon and Michelle Pfieffer. John Dempsey (book and lyrics) and Dana P Rowe (music) in partnership with famous theatrical producer Sir Cameron Mackintosh have created a musical which explores re-drawing moral boundaries and empowerment. The original London production starred ‘Deadwood’ and ‘Lovejoy’ star Ian McShane, who played the role of the devilish Darryl and Lucie Arnaz , Alexandra. In Australia 2002, Darryl was played by “Good News Week” entertainer Paul McDermot, with well known performers Marina Prior, Angela Toohey, Pippa Grandison, Geraldine Turner and Tony Sheldon in major roles.

The shows characters range from the mysterious Darryl Van Horne and the three Witches, to the strange little girl who portends trouble approaching and an ensemble peppered with eclectic small American town characters.

Musically there are strong harmony pieces including “I Wish I May”, a bit of gospel with “The Glory of Me” and full cast showstoppers, “Dance with the Devil” and “Dirty Laundry”.

The Story

In the oppressive atmosphere of a small New England town (“Eastwick Knows) three lonely women wish for the perfect man (‘Make Him Mine).  He appears in the form of Darryl Van Horn who simultaneously captivates and offends most of the townsfolk (“I Love a Little Town”) and then seduces all three women.  Felicia Gabriel leads the townsfolk as they expose the “Dirty Laundry” of the affair but the three women embrace their power and ‘fly’ (“I Wish I May”).

The witches are enjoying their affair with Darryl (“Another Night at Darryl’s”) and Darryl teaches the towns’ menfolk along with Alex’s son Michael and Felicia’s henpecked husband Clyde to shed their inhibitions through a ‘Dance with the Devil’.  However, the death of Felicia and Clyde (‘Evil’) through the witches’ petty spells makes them realise they are in dangerous waters and they leave him.  He retaliates by becoming engaged to Felicia and Clyde’s young daughter, Jennifer (‘The Glory of Me’).  At the wedding the witches use the power taught to them by Darryl to save Jennifer who reunites with Michael.  The women realise they have come full circle but have learnt so much about themselves and can stand alone and together.

The show will be presented at the Phoenix Theatre, 101 Glenhuntly Rd., Elwood

Contact us if you would like to make special arrangements for pre or post show drinks, food, etc.

Song List

Act One

  • Eastwick Knows
  • Make Him Mine
  • Chicken Little I
  • I Love a Little Town
  • Eye of the Beholder
  • Waiting for the Music
  • Words, Words, Words
  • Something
  • Dirty Laundry
  • Chicken Little II
  • I Wish I May/Finale Act One

Act Two

  • Another Night at Darryl’s
  • Dance with the Devil
  • Another Night reprise
  • Evil
  • Dirty Laundry reprise
  • I Wish I May reprise
  • Chicken Little III
  • The Glory of Me
  • The Wedding
  • Something reprise
  • Look at Me

Production Team

Director Jane Court
Musical Director Martine Wengrow
Choreographer Merilyn Young

Cast List

Character Cast Member
Alexandra Spofford Erin Keleher
Jane Smart Lucy MacVicar
Sukie Rougemont Susie McCann
Darryl Van Horne Michael Young
Felicia Gabriel Lucy Nicolson
Michael Spofford Anthony Bolger
Jennifer Gabriel Amy Gridley
Clyde Gabriel Colin Sephton
Little Girl/Alice Ogden Lily Nicolson
Fidel Sean Loughlin
Brenda Parsley Karen Shnider
Rev. Ed Parsley Paul Boyd
Gina Marino Margot Sephton
Joe Marino David Efron
Greta Neff Jeandanielle Evans
Raymond Neff Colin Buckley
Mabel Ogden Barbara Mendleson
Frank Ogden Andrew Weatherhead
Rebecca Barnes Roisin O'Neill
Toby Bergman Lee Pezzimenti
Eudora Bryce Deidre Keane
Curtis Hallerbread Bryn Bowen
Mavis Brewster Amy Howden
Dr Henry Pattison John Parsley
Marge Perley Justine Gorny
Franny Finster Loretta Richardson
Marcy Finster Melanie Chang
Delia Whitney Belinda Pearson
Louisa Whitney Nicola Grigg
Veronica LeFevre Michelle Carlin-Day
Betty Jo Brewster Ebony Richardson
Henrietta Cantrell Mary Bryant
Marigold LeFevre Margaret Boyd
Shelby Simpson Kayla Krause
Sarah Simpson Amber Krause
Hannah Marino Chelsea Matheson
Mary Beth Harrison Marie Couper
Abigail Whitney Leah Osburn
Elizabeth Whitney Mandy Lay
Sam Simpson Luke Krause
Morris Brewster David Keele
Homer Perley Chris Churchward


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